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BinMeasure™ product:

The BinMeasure™ product leverages a combination of cellular connected sensors and a mobile application installed on your phone to remotely monitor your feed bins, located on your farm.
Feed readings, history, and trends, are just a few of the features the BinMeasure™ product can accomplish. 
  • BinMeasure™ Works on Phones, Tablets and PCs.

  • On-board cellular service sends feed bin readings to the BinMeasure™ App

  • BinMeasure™ can monitor  20+ Bins per farm

Inquire below and get a call back from a customer service representative with additional details.

 Equipment typically less than $875. per house.

Getting Started


Inquire Below and Get a Call from Customer Service with details


Purchase and schedule installation with your local Georgia Poultry Store


BinMeasure™ Account Setup and Activation


Go fishing...... Never climb another bin on your farm.



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